Software Development

PREDU provides custom software design, development and maintenance services. Our team has completed a number of custom software projects tailored to the specific needs of the SME. PREDU focuses in designing a system that will automate your office procedures and additionally can be easily expanded to new customer requirements. We provide complete front-end and back-end development based on the latest technologies and industry trends.

Legacy System Migration

Many organizations face the problem of requiring software modernization but are unable to do so because they operate with a legacy system, which contains valuable data that must be migrated into the newly designed software system. Migration is often not a trivial task and requires expertise on legacy systems in order to be achieved. Our team provides our potential customers with on-site testing in order to decide that an efficient migration plan can be achieved. If such a plan is not possible then the customer is informed at absolutely no cost.

Expert Data Management

We offer our clients a full spectrum of back-end development including database design and development, database performance optimization, database tuning and database migration. Our team focuses on the development of efficient database designs that provide the customer quick and accurate representations of the data.

Office Automation

One of our primary goals during the requirements process, which enables our team to understand how your organization operates, is to automate all procedures that can be automated. Our analysis will indicate possible workload bottlenecks and from our experience may often require staff reassignments procedure restructuring.


Our team aims at ensuring a high degree of usability by providing the following:

  • User-friendly interface
  • Automated procedures
  • Task-oriented workflow
  • Multilingual support