Company Profile

PREDU Consulting Ltd. is a software development agency delivering web and application development services of any complexity to clients in Cyprus. Our customers are companies of all sizes ranging from startups to large enterprises who realize that they need a professional IT solution to generate revenue streams, establish communication channels or streamline business operations.

Our Business Philosophy

PREDU is committed to deliver maximum value to our clients helping them succeed in a constantly changing and challenging biz world. Our fundamental company values stem from understanding that our success is tied with the success of our clients. Our key business principles are:

Understand Clients’ Needs

PREDU carefully studies each customer’s case in order to understand the client’s needs and objectives and design an efficient solution. Our team provides detailed information on all available options enabling the client to take an informed business decision.

Partner with Clients

PREDU is committed to become your long-term, trusted partner. Our team’s priority is not only providing professional services and solutions but becoming your IT consultant, dedicated to meeting your everyday needs and support your future growing business needs.

Earn Clients Trust and Confidence

PREDU aims to earn each customer’s trust and confidence through personal attention, passion for what we do and commitment to long-lasting relationship. Our team will always strive to deliver you a measurable business value and help you adopt and succeed in the internet.